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Neck and Shoulder Pain client education brochure (Download)

Our Neck and Shoulder Pain brochure addresses this all-too-frequent complaint heard by massage therapists and bodyworkers. The brochure explains the onset of neck and shoulder pain, how it spreads and how massage helps.
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Neck and Shoulder Pain Brochure Topics:
  • A pain in the neck
  • Pain can spread
  • Massage for your pain
  • The role of alignment
  • Your individualized plan
  • Stress and pain
  • Support for your self-care
  • A return to pain-free movement
Neck and Shoulder Pain Brochure Excerpts:
Do you experience neck and shoulder pain during everyday activities such as working, driving or sleeping? Do you sometimes wake up with a headache, find yourself unable to look over your shoulder, or simply feel that your neck is "out of whack?" If so, therapeutic massage can work on multiple levels to help you relax, reduce your pain, and regain movement in your neck and shoulders.

Massage kneads away tension and painful muscle spasms, gently encouraging relaxation and increasing circulation. Improved circulation can cleanse tissues of irritating waste products that contribute to pain. Oxygen and nutrients flow to tight or injured areas, helping to reduce discomfort and promote healing. Therapeutic massage can also powerfully support additional treatments for neck pain such as chiropractic, physical therapy or other medical care.