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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Therapeutic massage for pain relief and improved flexibility

Our Neck and Shoulder Pain brochure addresses this all-too-frequent complaint heard by massage therapists and bodyworkers. The brochure explains the onset of neck and shoulder pain, how it spreads and how massage helps.
Neck and Shoulder Pain


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Neck and Shoulder Pain brochure topics include:

  • A pain in the neck
  • Pain can spread
  • Massage for your pain
  • The role of alignment
  • Your individualized plan
  • Stress and pain
  • Support for your self-care
  • A return to pain-free movement

Neck and Shoulder Pain brochure excerpts

"Do you experience neck and shoulder pain during everyday activities such as working, driving or sleeping? Do you sometimes wake up with a headache, find yourself unable to look over your shoulder, or simply feel that your neck is "out of whack?" If so, therapeutic massage can work on multiple levels to help you relax, reduce your pain, and regain movement in your neck and shoulders."

"Massage kneads away tension and painful muscle spasms, gently encouraging relaxation and increasing circulation. Improved circulation can cleanse tissues of irritating waste products that contribute to pain. Oxygen and nutrients flow to tight or injured areas, helping to reduce discomfort and promote healing. Therapeutic massage can also powerfully support additional treatments for neck pain such as chiropractic, physical therapy or other medical care.

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Once you’ve got a good-looking business card that really represents your practice, what else can you do to reach potential clients? Not everyone uses brochures anymore. But think for a minute — people do still read things other than on the computer screen.

A missed opportunity! This man could be reading a brochure while he's waiting.

Why use client brochures?

When I’m waiting for an appointment, I check my messages. Then I might pick up People Magazine, sure. BUT if there’s something about neck pain that catches my eye, People has to wait. I would rather feel better than find out what trouble Paris Hilton has gotten herself into. If I find myself at a Health Fair or a Small Business Saturday event, the same thing can happen. I’ve got my eyes open for services that can help, and if I see information that targets me, I’m going to have a look.

Why? The title may speak to me. It says, “Massage for Neck Pain.” When I start reading, I feel like I’m reading about myself, my problems. Hmm…I begin to learn, massage isn’t just something I’ve relished once a year on my birthday, it can help reduce this nagging pain that really impacts my  quality of life.

Everyone knows they need groceries. So they aren’t going to pick a brochure that tells you why you need to buy them. A brochure on Massage for Neck Pain, on the other hand, tells people something they may not know — massage feels great, yes, but it can also help reduce chronic pain in the neck. The end result? It moves people to action. It gets them to try it. And whose name and contact info is on the brochure? Yours!

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