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Yoga client education brochure (Download)

Presents the remarkable, ancient practice of yoga and its many benefits including improving flexibility, increasing fitness and deepening relaxation. Describes how yoga can fit your individual needs, the body-mind connection, the role of the yoga teacher, and yoga in health care.
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Yoga Brochure Topics:
  • What is yoga?
  • Yoga styles and levels
  • The body-mind connection
  • Your teacher
  • Benefits of yoga
  • Yoga and healthcare
  • Yoga and you
Yoga Brochure Excerpts:
More and more people, including health care professionals, are finding that yoga improves fitness, reduces stress and increases ease of movement. To the relief of many, yoga can also help decrease pain from headaches, arthritis and injuries.

Rather than focusing on keeping up with other students or the teacher, you will be encouraged to go at your own pace, respect your limits and adapt the practice to your needs in the moment. In addition, with continued practice most people begin to experience yoga's remarkable ability to calm, center and integrate body, mind and spirit.

Testimonial I really like the yoga brochures. It helps introduce yoga to people who are not familiar with the practice. —Karen Vasil-Busch