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BUSINESS CARDS — The Essential Tool for Marketing Your Massage, Reiki, Reflexology or Spa Business

Our massage business cards are a great deal! Business cards are the one marketing tool you carry with you everywhere you go — your business billboard in miniature. People ask you for them, and they are super easy to hand to individuals, business owners and other professionals.
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quoteI put my business card up on a bulletin board, and the vibrant color, quality and graphics made it really stand out among the many cards posted there. —Suzanne LaFramboise, Reno, NV



Professional quality. You get a business card, specifically designed for bodyworkers, complete with graphics, typeface and complementary colors for a top-quality first impression.

Free backs. Choose one of the pre-made backs describing benefits, inspirational quotes, special offers, or appointment reminder, at no extra charge.

Business cards are 2"x3.5", printed on sturdy, 14-point, glossy card stock with scratch-resistant UV lamination.

Your business cards, brochures, flyers and other materials should reflect your background and the good work that you do. So you list acronyms like AMTA and NCBTMB on your marketing materials, right? Well…maybe not.

I Choose a Personal Trainer

Let’s say I’m looking for a personal trainer. Would the acronyms ACE and AIFE mean anything to me? They wouldn’t, except that I just googled them and found out what they are — two training institutions, the American Council on Exercise and American Institute of Fitness Educators. Even if I already knew that, is reading that by someone’s name going to tell me if that trainer can help ME?

Since I’m a female in my 50′s, I want a trainer who likes or even specializes in working with older women. If I saw that on a business card, brochure or website, I might be inspired to find out more.

What Makes You Special?

If you are proud of your training or certification in massage or a specialty, such as LMT, ARCB or CNT, why not spell it out?  Examples: Jane Doe, Certified Reflexologist. John Smith, Certified Neuromuscular Therapist.

Check out the two business card examples on this page. They both state the therapist’s credentials and contact information, but we think the approach of the second one is more effective.

More important than a complete list of your modalities is the answer to the question of “Why should I come see YOU?” Highlight what makes you different from other practitioners and what might attract the kind of clients you really want. For example:

  • Relieving stress since 1992 — Let me relieve yours
  • Revitalizing massage for the child-bearing year
  • Your back and neck pain specialists
  • Specializing in keeping seniors active since 2006
  • Relaxation in the comfort of your home
  • Reduce stress and pain with reflexology!

Have any suggestions for good “taglines” to express a focus or specialty? Please comment!

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I just received my business card order and I had to tell you how much I love them! They are really striking. Ordering was super easy, and they arrived relatively quickly. Thank you!  —Lori Simmons, LMT, Freeport, IL

Business Cards

tip Give a few cards to each of your clients (and friends and relatives) on a regular basis. Say something like, “I'm building my practice and would love more clients. Would you be willing to pass my card on to friends and family?” Some of these folks will become enthusiastic spokespeople for you, so every so often, ask if they need more cards.

business card tips

Tips for getting them most out of your business cards (pdf)



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