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Marketing 101

7 Tips for Reaching New People with your Skills

The Big Four Marketing Strategies For Massage Therapists

Why Repeating Yourself (Branding) Helps Your Marketing Message

Developing Your Advertising Strategy: Get People to Act

Public Relations for Massage Therapists

Making the Most of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Targeted Marketing: How to Bring in Your Ideal Clients

Have a Website? Great. Now Keep Marketing.

Marketing for Less

Marketing Your Massage Practice: Offer Value, Not Discounts

Massage Marketing on a Shoestring

Massage Marketing in an Economic Downturn

Make it Easy for Clients to Rebook

Gathering Your Marketing Tools

Massage Brochures: Do it Yourself or Ready-Made

Amplify Your Marketing with Brochure Inserts

What is Good Massage Marketing? A Natural Extension of Who You Are.

Personalizing Your Massage Marketing Materials

Ten New Ways to Use Massage Business Cards

Massage Business Cards: Your Business Billboard in Miniature

Stay Connected With a Massage Client Newsletter

Holiday & Events Marketing

Marketing Massage at the Holidays: How to Get the Most from Gift Certificate Packages

Promo Messages

Summer Events: Checklist for Success

Eight Last Minute Marketing Strategies for the Holiday

Wording Holiday Promotionals So Your Clients Will Respond

Samples of Massage Promotionals for the Holidays

Creating Effective Promotionals

How to Use Promotionals to Boost Return Visits

Planning Your Promotional Offers

Marketing through the Seasons: Create special offers that show you care

Six Steps to Promoting a New Technique

Marketing Massage to Men: Just the Benefits Ma'am

Buy Local, Get a Massage

Marketing with Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates Promotional Poster: 6 new ideas

Six New Ways to Promote Massage Gift Certificates

Marketing to Women With Your Holiday Promotionals

Turn Massage Gift Recipients into Clients: Increase Redemptions

Choose Massage Gift Certificate Styles that Match Your Clients

Bring in New Clients with Massage Gift Certificate Sales

Marketing with Mailings

Marketing Massage with Postcards

Customers Share Secrets — More Marketing with Postcards

Targeted Mailing: Low Cost, High Return

Building a Referral Network

Networking Groups: Why Massage Therapists Join Them

Marketing Your Massage Practice with Professional Referrals

Get Serious about Massage Client Referrals

Quarterly Calendar

Jan/Feb/March: Developing and Implementing Your Marketing Plan

July/Aug/Sept: Upgrade Your Skills and Update Your Clients

Sharing Marketing Efforts

Marketing Massage Within Another Business

Joint Marketing for the Holidays

Building a Massage Practice in a Hospital, Governmental or Academic Setting

Networking Your Massage Practice: A Cure for Isolation

Making Presentations

7 Tips for Marketing Your Massage Class

Public Speaking: A Natural Way to Market Your Skills

Nurturing Your Clients

Target Your Clients' Resolutions

Five Approaches to Enhance Peace in Your Studio

Client Education Builds Business

Practice Listening Skills to Encourage Client Loyalty

Surveying Clients for Feedback

Build Your Massage Practice with Client Feedback

Good Etiquette: 4 Tips to Help Build Your Practice

Easy and Effective Business Planning

Become a Resource in Your Community

Goal-Setting for Success

Steps in Your New Massage Career: Getting the Experience You Need

Background Homework for Your Massage Marketing Plan

Write Your Massage Marketing Plan

Track Where Your Business Comes From