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  • December’s Bits & Pieces: Websites, blogs and random thoughts

    Dec 31

    Happy New Year to all! My best, heartfelt wishes for the coming year.

    I love this day; all the Year in Review stuff on TV and the Formal Announcing of Resolutions with my family. The Resolutions get more ridiculous as the night goes on with each of us egging the others on to new heights in the Moral Highground.

    This year, my extended family is taking our Resolutions in a different direction. We’re doing something inspired from an article I found a couple weeks ago. It involves postcards to yourself and I think it’s a great idea. Look for it in the “Articles” section and give it a try.

    Articles. Actually, it’s all Articles this month.
    I just found Scott Ginsberg. I don’t know where he’s been all my life (apparently St Louis) but he’s my soulmate. The article I think you’ll find the most fun is 13 Lessons My Customers Taught Me This Year. (This is the postcard article.) It makes me happy that so many of his people are taking what An Expert has to say and editing the advice to fit their lives. That’s the way it should be.

    Here is a very short article about massage at a trade show. It talks about a new approach combining massage and a company’s message. I’m not saying you’d want to do something exactly like this, but surely those of you who work trade shows can get some inspiration out of the idea.

    Jeremy Day has several blogs about personal development, finances and health. He invited folks to send in links to articles they liked best. This month he put together some of his readers’ top picks for the year. Cruise through it. There are some goodies.

    Aaron Gaul is a stress relief coach (I had no idea such a thing existed). This article on stress relief defines stress and give reasonable suggestions for managing it. If you have a blog on your site, you may want to contact Aaron and ask if you can re-print it for your clients. Or it may give you hints for communicating with your clients.

    Keep the suggestions and information coming, folks, and I’ll talk to you all in the New Year.

    All my best,

10 Responses to “December’s Bits & Pieces: Websites, blogs and random thoughts”

  1. Thanks for the link love Eileen. I’m glad to hear I’m you’re soul mate – unfortunately my girlfriend would care to disagree :)

    Sweet blog. I’m a yoga/meditation/message freako, so I feel ya

  2. Yes, um, “soulmate” probably wasn’t the best choice. Apologies to your undoubtedly patient girlfriend.

    “Soulmate” was supposed to be a placeholder until I could come up with a concise term for “someone who’s had a lot of practice communicating ideas with which I totally agree in a clear, powerful and joyful manner.”

    But I went to a New Year’s party instead.

    Publish in haste, cringe at leisure. Sigh.

    I’m truly enjoying your blog. Thanks for the effort and the inspiration.

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