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MASSAGE NEWSLETTERS for Your Clients — Stay Connected with Those You Serve

If you don’t have a newsletter, you’re missing out on an easy, inexpensive way to keep clients in the loop. You will be proud to have your name on our downloadable massage client newsletters. They offer beautiful photos, focused headlines, and high-interest articles your busy clients can read in a minute.

Only $15 each— For this one low price you get ALL four versions:

1. Print You get a high-resolution pdf file for printing as many copies as you need [get instructions]
2. Email You get a ready-to-send email version you can forward to your clients [get instructions]
3. ESP You get an email version specifically designed for using bulk Email Service Provider (ESP) [get instructions]
4. Web You get a web-ready html file you can place on your website [get instructions]

free sampleSample Newsletter
Try this one on us! No credit card needed.

Massage Client Newsletters

Only $15 each — Customize your client newsletters in 8 easy steps:

    1. Select a newsletter from dozens of professionally written issues

    2. Choose a banner for your newsletter (or upload your own)

    3. Choose the color scheme for the issue

    4. Add your own newsletter title and tagline

    5. Select a promotional graphic for your newsletter (or upload your own)

    6. Add your return address and logo (optional)

    7. Add your own article or personal letter (optional)

    8. Proof your newsletter, save it for later or add it to your cart

After you have placed your order, you will be prompted to download the newsletter files to your computer. You can also access these files anytime by logging into your secure account.

Tim Morawetz of Glue, Inc., a rising communications company in Toronto, had this to say about client newsletters: “Most clients have trouble finding time to read for pleasure, let alone for practical reasons! So, your newsletter needs to provide them with valuable news, unique insights or actionable information in an attractive and easy-to-read format.”

We think our client newsletter does all those things for massage therapists. Not convinced investing in a newsletter is worth it? At a very low price,  newsletters remind clients that you are there to help them. They establish you as a go-to expert. And they are great for word-of-mouth marketing because they get passed on to your clients’ friends and family members.

Only 15 bucks
Our newsletters are only 15 dollars. Only 15 dollars for an issue you can edit and download indefinitely, and in 3 different ways. With each issue you buy, you decide how you want to use it. For instance, lots of customers print an issue in color, then send it to their mailing list. But you can easily email it, if you want. And if you are looking to add more information to your website, you can post it there —like this customer did.

You may think, “If I want a newsletter that represents my business, I’ll have to create it myself.” That’s legitimate. You may want to take a minute to check ours out, though. It’s so customizable that it will look like your own when you are done with it, I promise.

newsletter banner

Choose from a choice of banners and color schemes to match your business personality.

You choose your own title and color scheme, and add your choice of banner and promotional. That’s all the effort you have to spend to get a super-attractive, full-color newsletter issue that speaks for your individual practice.

Place your choice of many promos next to the mailing surface.

Tune into the next blog for more tips on customizing a newsletter for your unique practice — including creating your own banner and writing your own articles!

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Make the most of your client newsletters with these free eBooks:

Newsletter How-TosTips on creating effective newsletters


Newsletter How-TosCreative ways to use your newsletters


I emailed my clients the Spring Newsletter issue which features an article on massage and allergies. Within 20 minutes, a local reporter called and asked to interview me for a story on massage for spring allergies. Someone came out and did a story that was aired on television. This was the best $15 I ever spent! —Jen Hathaway, Back In Balance, Clifton Park, NY

Quick Tip: Send a massage newsletter to follow-up to a first appointment. Put copies in your waiting room. Hand them out at presentations. While working at an event, offer a sign-up sheet get on your newsletter mailing list. Most of all, send them to your clients. Monthly, seasonally, annually — whatever fits your budget.

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